Ron Dague for Milwaukee Judge

“I believe we have a common interest in having an experienced, decisive and fair judiciary. Please exercise your right to vote on February 17, 2009. I would appreciate your support and assistance."

Ronald Dague

For Milwaukee Judge

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 15

The Qualities and Experience Milwaukee
Citizens Want on the Bench
  • Cold Case Homicide Prosecutor working to make sure that the murderers don’t get away.
  • Gang Prosecutor (HIDTA) keeping our parks and neighborhoods safe for families.
  • In Children’s Court helped teachers and principals to keep guns out of our schools.
  • Protecting victims of domestic violence cases to keep them safe from violence in their homes.
  • Convicted drug dealers that bring drug addiction and violence to our neighborhood.
  • Prosecuted Armed Robbery, burglary, white collar crime, battery and property crimes.
  • Conducted hundreds of jury trials and motion hearings.
  • Instructor for law enforcement on criminal law, investigative techniques, and constitutional law.
  • Developed Restorative Justice countywide program for financial crimes which emphasizes restitution for victims and an educational program for non-violent, first time financial crimes
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Ronald Dague, an assistant district attorney for 18 years in Milwaukee County, is a candidate for the judicial position of Milwaukee Circuit Court Branch 15. Mr. Dague is currently assigned to the Milwaukee District Attorney Office’s Homicide Unit where he handles “cold case homicides”, generally murder cases which are more than 5 years old. In his previous assignment in HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area), he prosecuted larger scale drug dealers and gang criminals.

Mr. Dague has worked in the Drug Unit, Felony Gun Unit (now combined into the Violent Crime Unit), general felony and in the Children’s Court division. His experience includes hundreds of jury trials, motion practice, the mentoring and training of both law enforcement officers and prosecutors, and the creation of a restorative justice program designed to make victims whole and rehabilitate first time offenders.

As a candidate and future Milwaukee judge, Ronald Dague brings a wide range of legal and life experience to the job. He has earned the trust of police officers and victims in the prosecution of the crimes, while still being respected by attorneys of the defense bar for being fair and demonstrating the highest levels of integrity.

Ron Dague For Judge
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